Why I love Hyderabad . . .

Well, just for the record, its 05:03am right now.  Majority of the people I know are busy snoring in their comfy beds (maybe). And me? Trying to pass through this writers block that has earned me a Gold Medal in procrastination. *gets an Olympic feel, proudly bites the medal*

Oops! I just realized I haven’t decided on what to blog about. Aiyyo. Thanks for your time, fellas. And thank you my dear lazy mind for winning this time too.

*inner mind quickly thinks whether to insert a remember-able quote in the end or not*

Wait. Let’s talk about Hyderabad, the city where yours truly resides in. No, not the one in Pakistan. I mean Hyderabad Deccan in India, as it’s fondly called.

I’m a pucca Hyderabadi and can engage you for hours narrating the glorious old tales of this lovely city. But please do not show off, that ‘just returned from the West’ accent or wear AXE Instinct. I hate it! *walks away whistling with hands in pocket*

Okay. *clears throat* Hyderabad is a glorious city and I love it to the core. I was born here but definitely not raised here (was raised in the land of Sheikhs and camels). I have stayed for just 6 at a stretch in this city of late night chai-walas and early morning dosa-walas. But those six years in this city have taught me a great deal about humanity, brotherhood and how to impress girls with Hyderabadi Shayari (though I never tried this). People are ever-friendly and can sometimes go out-of-the-way to help you and that’s one quality you’ll rarely find among humans, today. Nowadays, people stay as long as you have paisa in your pocket or contacts in your mobile and when you don’t, they go like ‘Hey, have we met before’?

Coming back to the city, I love the rustling and bustling activity at Charminar; I love the huge GVK One Mall at Banjara Hills; those auto rides with some weird Hip Hop music blasting from the speakers; the ancient clock at Salar Jung Museum where a tiny little man comes out of his hiding place and rings the bell as many times as the hour; the Microsoft campus, the second largest one in the world after its headquarters in Redmond (USA); well there’s just so much that I love about this city (and you should too) .

And the best of all? Freedom. <Period>

*readies the bed. Almost time to sleeeeeeeeep*

I’ve been through many turbulent times in this city, during times of curfew when the city opened for just two hours every day. I was also a live witness at an infamous shooting and have seen warring factions trying their best to out beat the opposite. But this city and its residents have shown enough resilience and patience to go through all this with a hope that the Sun will definitely rise the next day. And it always did. This spirit of the city really sets the tempo and the next morning, there are happy faces all around.

I know. I know I’ll have to move on to other places soon enough (job and my MBA, you see) but Hyderabad will always be ‘ispecial’ for me.

Do come over to this lovely city and be my guest (if I still reside here)! I’ll treat you to the finest Irani chai in town and the best Biryani ever. I really mean EVER! And also for a ride through the busy lanes of of Old City or the neat streets of New City.