When a huge, scary-looking inmate made me cry . . .

What do you call someone for whom a good sleep and movies are the only things he desires in a day? More than a movie-buff? Well that’s me. Hollywood interests me, especially the cinematography, the fine attention to even the minutest details, the inspiring performances of every single actor in the frame and more. Bollywood? Not today. I used to be a fan of Hindi movies but today’s crap scripts and bull-shit performances coupled with wafer-thin plots; especially the mainstream cinema has put me off!


Include a few laughs, a dozen punches and some ‘fuck! That actress is so sexy’ scenes and get away with a blockbuster and the film-makers later rejoice in their balcony in half-pants, plenty of booze and girls, shouting ‘Meri film hit hogayi’! I don’t even…..

Coming back to Hollywood, I happened to come across a movie named Green Mile. Well, I won’t post a review here or sing praises of the sexy actress (there wasn’t any, actually) but I was awestruck by the plot and mainly by an inmate named John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan).

Michael Clarke Duncan as John Coffey

Michael with an imposing height of 6 feet 4 inches and huge bulging muscles is an inmate who is convicted of killing two girls and lands up in jail with a death penalty in hand. Michael is blessed with natural healing powers; he brings a dead mouse back to life, completely heals a cancer-struck women lying in her death-bed and makes Tom Hanks say goodbye to his bladder infection which affected him big way (he couldn’t pee properly or make love). With all said and done, in a few days, Michael has to breathe his last while sitting on the chair with electricity being passed through his body for the murder charge.

I couldn’t help but notice the performance by Michael Clarke Duncan as John Coffey (he won an Oscar nomination for the same). As the character, John Coffey is made to sit on the chair, I found myself crying profusely over his humane deeds which helped save many lives earlier; the simplicity of his talk and the genuineness of his character which had me glued on. I prayed for the movie to take a twist such that John Coffey doesn’t have to die; I prayed for something to happen which would prevent me from seeing his body burn black for his performance had instilled back faith in humanity where people genuinely care the good of their fellows. It made me stand up and appreciate such real heroes who saved many-a-lives and never asked anything in return. John Coffey never eyed the warden’s wife; neither was he a fan of currency notes nor of special favours in the prison cell. All he wanted to do was good for others in the utmost convincing manner.

But alas! It didn’t happen and John Coffey was burnt to death. I continued crying.

In the movie, it is revealed that John Coffey was falsely convicted of murder and that he had never committed the crime!

In real life, Michael Clarke Duncan passed away today. [R.I.P]

*wipes tear*


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