Meet Ammar Afzal – the fake Managing Director of Microsoft

Say hello to the ‘Pathan of Fakeabad’, the ‘Nawab of Doucheistan’ and . . . err I ran short of words. But I guess I’ll have to update my vocab since I’m referring to Ammar Afzal from Pakistan, that one mighty person who, acc to him, has managed to scoop ‘8 Gines World Records’ in Oracle, spoke to Bill Gates over the phone for ‘six minutes’ and is working as the ‘Managing Director of Microsoft’.

*shit just hit the roof*

Ammar Afzal seems to be on a roll, enjoying his ‘success’, attending various colleges/universities, accepting awards and giving the students a piece of his mind (poop, maybe). But is this suited-and-booted guy for real? Or has he played the ‘let’s fool people’ game very well? After a little research over his ‘tall claims’, the answer seems to be the latter, i.e. Ammar Afzal isn’t what the media has projected him to be – reason for pride. In reality, he’s the reason for Google’s popularity, helping common people search against such fakes and douchebags and later bring them down.

 An article on (now dsyfunctional) reads, “Ammar Afzal a 9th class student from Okara city wins world computer software course. according the details published in newspaper Ammar Afzal 15 years old student of 9th class in the district public school and college got the distniction by winning first global position in Stanford University England’s (SUE) World Computer Soft ware Course.On 1st May, 09, on scholarship from SUE he had moved to england for further education in his field. According to Ammar Afzal his Internet Trainor Mr Simond had challenged him in an angry mood to solve some question, and had pledged that if he succeeded to solve these questions within, Mr Simond would resign from his job. Ammar solved the computer soft ware riddles within an hour. He got 4.99 marks out of 5 in the test which was a world record. Mr Simond stuck-up to his pledge and resigned . Ammar said that he would always maintain deep regard for Mr Simond as a teacher though he might be angry with him, as he had gained a lot from him. i congratulates him for his sucess & yes this is a lesson for us that how people get sucess when there is a firm believe & great will to learn.”

Also, here is his interview with National Television:

Time for a few facts:

  • There is no such university called as ‘Stanford University England (SUE)’.
  • Stanford University is in California [USA] and not England [UK], though he seems to have changed it later.
  • World Computer Software course? What does that even mean??
  • Stanford University doesn’t seem to host any Oracle course as described by Ammar.
  • Ammar Afzal’s internet training centre is Brainbench, un-accredited un-authenticated independent organization with no ties with Oracle whatsoever.
  • There isn’t any ‘Mr.Simond’ working for Brainbench, after an interaction with the Senior Technical Support team there.
  • Microsoft does not have only 49 developers in the Windows Development Team.
  • Sudden promotion to the post of ‘Managing Director – Microsoft’ is completely laughable.
  • Microsoft employees are not allowed to reveal its internal software development plans and activities to the public, as Ammar spoke about Windows 9 and his ‘good work’ there.
  • Hundreds of Microsoft employees [sometimes thousands] are involved in developing a single operating system (3000 approx for Windows 7). Ammar Afzal says he is responsible for developing 50% of Windows 9. A big fat lie!

I’ll probably stop here though there are many more such facts that prove him to be lying about his accomplishments and his ‘Microsoft association’.

It’s even saddening to see how irresponsibly a state national television channel proceeded to interview him without proper validation of important facts and his accomplishments. No wonder the host lady was going all ga-ga when Ammar Afzal boasts about speaking to Bill Gates over the phone.

*suddenly remembers a quote about ‘beauty without brains’*

Ammar Afzal doesn’t look like a technical guy; doesn’t speak like a technical guy. Any fellow with sound technical knowledge can easily find out the bloopers during Ammar’s interview to the National Television channel. He also maintains numerous YouTube channels hosting extremely shoddy videos of God-knows-what!

An excerpt from his blog, “we are working with world wide & Microsoft give guarantee for our Company. Because CEO is the student of Microsoft in Windows development & showing exceptional results in Windows development.”

If this is the level of English you practice, Good Sir, then I can’t stop laughing over how your ‘conversation with Bill Gates’ went by. Hope you at least got a date with that lady!

The bottom line is, Ammar Afzal is a person with fake claims and no genuine accomplishments. In the interest of readers and common people, do your homework before you stand up and applaud for the one on stage, only to find that he wasn’t worth your effort!

*sits back, sips coffee*


4 thoughts on “Meet Ammar Afzal – the fake Managing Director of Microsoft

  1. I wouldn’t even have wasted a full blog post over this kinda shit. The enumeration of all those points is quite useless with the truth being apparently pellucid. Wonder how the stupid media still promotes some faggot like him.

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  3. This clearly show that our media is broadcasting the wrong/fake news without validation. I mean seriously?? This clearly shows that our media’s just broadcasting fake news completely not this only, another’s more…

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