I thought the world was a heavenly place until . .

I thought that the world was a heavenly place.
Where people always help with one another’s case.

All they do was spread love and affection, I thought.
And stay far away from malicious infections, I thought.

But I was proved wrong on a sunny afternoon.
For I had a distasteful encounter with a couple of goons.

I was heading to the mosque for my prayer.
I was just 11 and along was my brother.

I saw a pick-up car speeding in the opposite direction.
Their speed seems to have defied all laws of friction.

The car neared me and I saw the window open.
I could already sense that this was a bad omen.

Out leapt a huge dude waving his hand in the air.
He SMASHED his hand against my face and zoomed away like a hare.

I fell down to the ground with my face splattered with glass.
For I wore spectacles ever since I was in V class.

There was blood all over my face.
And the car was gone without a single trace.

I did not know who he was.
He did not know who I was.

I was an innocent child living on with his life.
And never had I flirted with his girlfriend or his wife.

I was just a eleven-year old.
Why would I care about somebody’s girlfriend or her gold?

I scurried back to home, crying in pain.
Thinking that the attacker was totally insane.

My face was badly bruised and my teeth bore a dent.
I spent the whole day crying over the incident.

That’s when I changed my perception about the world.
All that glitters is indeed not gold.

The world is definitely a heavenly place.
Where SOME people help with each other’s case. 

                                                                  – asrartheone


They make fun of me . .

They look down upon me as if I were a petty dwarf.
They point a finger at me and sometimes wickedly laugh.

They harbor no emotion or any care.
They treat as if they’re holding the ears of a hare.

For I jump up in fear when I see a cat.
Or a dog or even a minuscule rat.

I dare not come near a pigeon or a sparrow.
While crossing a bird, I chose a path which is least narrow.

I hide behind my little cousin when I hear a dog bark.
Also when I see the cat’s bright eyes in the dark.

They say, ‘Hey. It’s just an animal’.
‘Being an adult, your reaction is so dismal’.

They make fun of me belonging to a different utopia.
Little do they know that this gentleman suffers from Animalphobia.

                                                                                                                  – asrartheone

Imagine Cup 2012 Grants Finalists announced!

Microsoft Imagine Cup, the name speaks for itself: Imagining the world to be a better place to live. And later taking forward the imagination and giving it a touch of reality through software. Imagine Cup takes the dreamer from his bed to the software marketplace, developing applications for the good of the community.

In its eleventh year now, Microsoft Imagine Cup is the premier student technology competition that encourages students to form a team and build an application with the opportunity to win cash prizes and travel.  More than 350 participants of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 from 75 countries travelled to Sydney, Australia, for the Worldwide Finals in July 2012, presenting some of the finest solutions to world’s common problems through software, with some even being honoured by TIME Magazine as among the best inventions of 2012.

“Imagine Cup Grants is a three-year, $3 million competitive program which enables Imagine Cup participants to take their innovative projects to market as the next step in their business development.”

Imagine Cup Grants revolves around further supporting the excellent projects and solutions presented in Imagine Cup and helping them realize their full potential. Imagine Cup Grants winners are awarded with a grant package in the form of cash, software, resources and other on the ground support to help them establish a non-profit or for-profit organization to bring their idea to reality.

The following thirteen finalists have been selected with the Imagine Cup 2012 Grant winners to be announced in December 2012 at the Social Innovation Summit in the Silicon Valley:

Team Name: Cipher256
Region: Kampala, Uganda

Team Name: FlashFood
Region: Tempe, AZ – United States of America

Team Name: Greenway
Region: Hannover, Germany

Team Name: IQube
Region: Timisoara, Romania

Team Name: Italian Ingenium Team
Region: Milan, Italy

Team Name: Novitat
Region: Bangkok, Thailand

Team Name: Osmosis
Region: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Team Name: quadSquad
Region: Donets’k, Ukraine

Team Name: Reimagine
Region: Mexico City, Mexico

Team Name: Team StethoCloud
Region: Melbourne, Australia

Team Name: Symbiosis
Region: Thessaloniki, Greece

Team Name: Vivid
Region: Cairo, Egypt

Team Name: wi-GO Team
Region: Covilhã, Portugal

Want to be the sportsman playing the game rather than the spectator watching the gameRegister now for Imagine Cup 2013 and you may find yourself in St. Petersburg, Russia in July next year for the WorldWide Finals!

Community service has taught me all kinds of skills and increased my confidence. You go out there and think on your feet, work with others and create something from nothing. That’s what life’s all about.” – Andrew Shue

They forever prevented a mother from seeing her son’s face . .

It really pains me a lot to see ‘educated people’ representing economically stable countries declare war over hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians with no fault of theirs. I’ve been an indirect victim, losing many innocent dear friends in this ‘war against terror’ which has claimed millions of innocent lives all across the globe. The saddening part is that such heinous acts are being carried out by organizations and bodies who have ‘educated people’ on board. And by ‘education’ here, I mean the ability to differentiate between good and bad, between guilt and innocence. Sadly, that’s not the case.

They pass on murders as if they were files.
They sit on skeletons and yet do smile.

They laugh seeing a father cry over his daughter.
They act like butchers with an aim to slaughter.

They drop bombs as if they were lollipops.
They mercilessly shoot from guns which go ‘pop’, ‘pop’ and ‘pop’.

They dance on bodies splattered all over with blood.
Yet they go out for drinks with a face as ugly as a dud.

They don’t care about region or race.
They forever prevented a mother from seeing her son’s face.

All they want is innocent civilians to be dead.
They killed a 10-year old student with a bullet in his head.

I wonder what did this 10-year old do?
For he was simply heading towards his school.

He had never used a gun, a rifle or a bomb.
And was eagerly waiting to go back home and hug his Mom.

His Mom had bought him a bright new dress.
It shone even brighter with a clean, fine press.

She sat there on the table with many gift wraps.
Waiting for her son to arrive and the door to go ‘tap’.

She was never so happy any other day.
It was her 10-year old son’s birthday.

They don’t care about region or race.
They forever prevented a mother from seeing her son’s face.

                                                                                               – asrartheone