A few lines . . . dedicated to haters

I am not much of a poet at all and I’ll be doing the worst job ever if somebody asks me to come up with a few lines describing a particular situation. But an animated discussion with a few ‘friends’ just yesterday instigated me to pen down my thoughts in a poetic manner:


I speak of light. They speak of dark.
I hit boundaries. They just mark.

They waste no time in calling me a fool.
And I know they’ve hardly been to school.

I lay awake all night, planning and thinking.
And they assume my boat to be sinking.

I help a child find his way.
Yet they think I’ve gone astray.

They are so mean. They act like demons.
Yet they advise me on ‘life giving you lemons’.

I feel like giving them a tight slap.
And locking them inside a box with a gift wrap.

I’d rather throw that box onto the Nile.
And pray for a wicked Pharoah to spot it from a mile.

I don’t give a fuck about what they say.
It’s either my way or ….the highway! 

                                                       – asrartheone


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