They make fun of me . .

People sometimes judge an individual very quickly before assessing him/her completely. And in such, they don’t just make a complete fool of themselves but also end up hurting the person. Sad!

They look down upon me as if I were a petty dwarf.
They point a finger at me and sometimes wickedly laugh.

They harbor no emotion or any care.
They treat as if they’re holding the ears of a hare.

For I jump up in fear when I see a cat.
Or a dog or even a minuscule rat.

I dare not come near a pigeon or a sparrow.
While crossing a bird, I chose a path which is least narrow.

I hide behind my little cousin when I hear a dog bark.
Also when I see the cat’s bright eyes in the dark.

They say, ‘Hey. It’s just an animal’.
‘Being an adult, your reaction is so dismal’.

They make fun of me belonging to a different utopia.
Little do they know that this gentleman suffers from Animalphobia.

                                                                                                                  – asrartheone


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