I thought the world was a heavenly place until . .

I thought that the world was a heavenly place.
Where people always help with one another’s case.

All they do was spread love and affection, I thought.
And stay far away from malicious infections, I thought.

But I was proved wrong on a sunny afternoon.
For I had a distasteful encounter with a couple of goons.

I was heading to the mosque for my prayer.
I was just 11 and along was my brother.

I saw a pick-up car speeding in the opposite direction.
Their speed seems to have defied all laws of friction.

The car neared me and I saw the window open.
I could already sense that this was a bad omen.

Out leapt a huge dude waving his hand in the air.
He SMASHED his hand against my face and zoomed away like a hare.

I fell down to the ground with my face splattered with glass.
For I wore spectacles ever since I was in V class.

There was blood all over my face.
And the car was gone without a single trace.

I did not know who he was.
He did not know who I was.

I was an innocent child living on with his life.
And never had I flirted with his girlfriend or his wife.

I was just a eleven-year old.
Why would I care about somebody’s girlfriend or her gold?

I scurried back to home, crying in pain.
Thinking that the attacker was totally insane.

My face was badly bruised and my teeth bore a dent.
I spent the whole day crying over the incident.

That’s when I changed my perception about the world.
All that glitters is indeed not gold.

The world is definitely a heavenly place.
Where SOME people help with each other’s case. 

                                                                  – asrartheone


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