When you were down . .

When you are down and want to lay low.
When your charming face is devoid of the natural glow.

When you sense the whole world to be turning against you.
And things that interest you are suddenly few.

When you feel that you’re almost done with life.
And that there’s no purpose for which you should strive.

 When the smell of the morning coffee no longer interests you.
When the aroma of the tasty lunch has nothing to do with you.

When you imagine people around to be giving an arrogant stare.
Filled with jealousy and scooped by an evil glare.

That’s when you feel that you can never get up.
And almost make plans to unconditionally give up.

But the next morning after sleep, there’s someone whom you meet.
We know that Heaven lies under her feet.

She’s your Mom who nods and grins.
And stays by your side through thick and thin.

She changed your diapers when you could barely walk.
And had best conversations with you when you could hardly talk.

Again after school, you meet someone sipping tea.
To the Doors of Heaven, he is the key.

He’s your Dad who taught you how to walk.
And shoo’ed away the dog who used to occasionally bark.

Every single time, he believed in you.
Looked in your eyes and said, ‘Son, I trust you’.

When you are in the company of these wonderful people.
You feel more confident about not to stumble.

Their belief in you lightens up your mood.
And makes you understand that there is still good.

Just when you were about to simply quit,
They make you realize that life is a valuable gift.

It’s a treasure and not any waste.
And its decisions shouldn’t be made in haste.

That’s when the natural glow comes back to your face.
And you stand up to take life’s challenges in any case.

Remember, when you were down and feeling sad,
You had your Mom and your Dad.

                                                        – asrartheone


Imagine Cup 2013: The place to be!

If you’re a geek who spends most of his time fiddling with his computer and comes up with interesting ‘oh wow! Look at that’ applications/solutions; if you’re a thinker with a million-dollar idea about an app which can change the way users interact but is waiting for the right platform; if you’re a coder who spends sleepless nights writing huge lines of codes and perfecting algorithms; or if you are almost anybody with a soft corner for technology, then Imagine Cup 2013 is the place to be!

Imagine Cup - Competitions

Now in its eleventh year, Imagine Cup promises to be an extravagant affair with a ‘geeky’ atmosphere all around for many reasons, some being:

Imagine Cup is much about its name: imagining a better world through technology. But it doesn’t stop there. Participants are encouraged to take the leap from concept visualization to proper execution with able assistance being provided at every level. Testifying to this is Imagine Cup Grants, a US $3 million competitive program which not just assists the Imagine Cup participants financially but also helps them in taking their innovative projects to the market as the next step in their business development.

The anxiety while coding through the application, the jittery-nerves before the project presentation, the folded fingers while awaiting results is all worth it when your efforts get recognized on such a huge platform, not just because the result is technologically superior but also because it helps the people of the world lead an even better life. From an app that helps reduce car accidents to a solution that enables mute people to interact through gloves; from helping enhance the learning abilities of students suffering from dyslexia to implementing an effective vehicle navigation system thereby reducing CO2 emissions, Imagine Cup has seen it all!

Imagine Cup Russia

Finalists will be flown in to St. Petersburg, Russia, the venue for the World Wide Finals which will be held from 8th-12th July 2013. Another good reason for you to be there at the World Wide finals is the MSP Social Media Team. This lively bunch of Microsoft Student Partners from all over the world will ensure that you are pampered to the hilt: they’ll shoot your pictures, record your videos, promote your team and even break into Gangnam style (if you insist).

Register for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 and be a part of more than one million students all over the world aiming to bring a change in daily life through technology.

Take the jump NOW!

All dreams are now welcome!

The beautiful gift of friendship

I am just back from bidding goodbye to a fellow classmate who, at the time of writing this post, is on a plane heading towards greener career pastures in the Gulf. It’s an awkward feeling when, after the goodbye hug, you console each other saying that ‘we’ll meet soon’ when you know that ‘soon’ doesn’t actually mean what it stands for. Having spent beautiful childhood moments together where we made so many friends, whom I think, turn out to be among the most genuine, caring people apart from near ones, as friends were made during school without an eye for the other person’s flashy cars, bikes or a heavy wallet. We walked down the streets laughing at the most silly and dumbest jokes but also stood together consoling a friend when he had flunked his subjects.

And now, life has made us stand apart at two divergent roads with no certainty of them converging any time soon.
A forced goodbye, a promise to ‘be-in-touch’, a smile followed by . . . . . . . . . . .  . gone.

We were struck by the literary brilliance and concept of ‘After Twenty Years’ by O’ Henry after it was our English lesson in IV standard but never had imagined that maybe, some years ahead in the future, we may also be forced to think on the same lines. Déjà vu!

It is only the great hearted who can be true friends. The mean and cowardly, can never know what true friendship means. – Charles Kingsley 

True friends are very hard to find in today’s world – those who’ll look in your eyes and not at your wallet when you meet, those who won’t ridicule your choice/decision but instead appreciate it honestly, those who’ll help you with a staircase instead of pulling down your leg when you intend to climb, and most importantly, those who are happy seeing you on the top rather than turning green with jealousy.

Such friends are hard to find but when you do, hold on to them for life for they are God’s precious gifts!