Life is a bitch they say

Life is a bitch, they say.

It fucks you up real bad, they say.

But do you know the best part about life? It is unpredictable!

Just yesterday, I was going through a few photo albums and at the end of browsing through them, I had moist eyes. I glanced upon a few memorable clicks with friends, the ones where we all suddenly met and had a lot of fun only to realize later that those glorious moments are never to return for; the ones where I was laughing at a pal’s dumb acts only to later realize that we may never cross our paths again on friendship lines; the ones where I was happily jumping in joy in my college’s playground only to realize that those would be my last moments in my college premises; the ones where I was caught slowly sneaking out of class behind my teachers back only to realize that I may never meet my teachers again; the ones where . . . . . . . .


Life presents you with great moments but later dumps you into a memory trash as you try in vain to pick up pieces and bind them together. Life doesn’t care if you’re white or black, short or tall, fat or slim, Brad Pitt or Jonah Hill. All it cares about is reaching the last chapter in your book of destiny. It’s up to you to live up every single moment of your life to the fullest for later, you’re gonna (regret) it real bad.

I’ve had my fair share of memorable moments – rode a bicycle for 16 km at 3am in the morning to challenge my fear of ghosts; rode a horse when I was 14 in the annual Janadiriyah festival of Riyadh, K.S.A and was kicked numerous times down on the ground; shook hands and interacted in Arabic with a talking parrot when I was 7; won a Gold Medal when others were convinced that I couldn’t and wouldn’t; challenged a 10-year old kid to a race and intentionally ran slow to see him smile after he’s won it; have been in the same room with spirits and witnessed paranormal stuff happen right in front of me; roamed around in the wee hours of midnight with friends wandering aimlessly for hours; and the list goes on . . .

But life is sweet – it gives you these fond memories which automatically bring along a smile on your face upon recollecting them.

Forget ego, forget jealousy, forget hatred and all.

Life is short so live it to the BRIM!


I hate you when . . .

I hate you when you grill me like a Grandpa.
Give me some fucking space, I tell ya!
I’ll marry an heiress or date a waitress.
But my business is NOT your business!

I like taking risks and doing the undone.
So don’t you ever tell me that my live isn’t fun!

I like resting my feet in the friendly beach waters.
And sometimes indulging in mindless chatter.
I also like roaming unattended in a lush green farm.
This shouldn’t give you an impression that I am under your arm.

I like Shawshank Redemption. I like Breaking Bad.
And sometimes dream about owning a helicopter pad.
And when you frown away with a face as sad,
To stay a thousand miles away from you, I’ll be so glad.

Oh yes! I’ve definitely watched Kate Upton’s Cat Daddy dance.
You should too, if you get such a chance.
But I know you’ll be busy passing judgments all over.
Which again proves in gold that you are a fucking coward!

Just go ahead and live your own life, son.
That is, only …….if you have one.

                                               – asrartheone