I hate you when . . .

I hate you when you grill me like a Grandpa.
Give me some fucking space, I tell ya!
I’ll marry an heiress or date a waitress.
But my business is NOT your business!

I like taking risks and doing the undone.
So don’t you ever tell me that my live isn’t fun!

I like resting my feet in the friendly beach waters.
And sometimes indulging in mindless chatter.
I also like roaming unattended in a lush green farm.
This shouldn’t give you an impression that I am under your arm.

I like Shawshank Redemption. I like Breaking Bad.
And sometimes dream about owning a helicopter pad.
And when you frown away with a face as sad,
To stay a thousand miles away from you, I’ll be so glad.

Oh yes! I’ve definitely watched Kate Upton’s Cat Daddy dance.
You should too, if you get such a chance.
But I know you’ll be busy passing judgments all over.
Which again proves in gold that you are a fucking coward!

Just go ahead and live your own life, son.
That is, only …….if you have one.

                                               – asrartheone


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