My check list for 2013 and beyond . .

Being the quintessential procrastinator, it is always hard for me to complete checks on my to-do list. I start with “I always wanted to ……” but end up with “………. maybe next year”. This has to STOP.

So here is me, trying to jot down the few things that I love (on a personal level) and want to get done with by the end of this year –

1. Piano – Music is my life saver. When I’m down with nowhere to go and no company to keep, I seek refuge in music. The guitar interested me a lot. I tried it for a month, burnt my fingers and later realized that this isn’t me. Not giving up, I want to give a shot at learning the piano; a dedicated shot. Because sometimes, I too want to put up a nice tuxedo and sit behind the piano with gorgeous ladies swarming around me (or the piano) just like the movies. Hehehe


2. Basketball – I picked up Basketball when I was 13 and played religiously till I entered high school. We had formed a great team and won many tournaments along. I was particularly good at three-pointer shots and also have a local feat to my name – scoring a basket right from the half court line. But then, shit happens. I came back to India for my high school, got admitted in to a nerdy college with huge-bespectacled guys moving around with heavy books, always digging into questions and their ‘solutions’. Those were some miserable two years for me. To get back at it, I plan to be good at the sport that I love the most and hopefully compete in the corporate tournaments around here. My fav ball players? Michael Jordan, Earl ‘The Goat’ Manigault and Lebron James.

3. Literature – Back at school, there were times when I used to secretly bunk my classes only to be later found in the library reading ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ by Mark Twain. Gosh, who cannot love Tom Sawyer and his crazy antics?! Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, The Hardy Brothers, Agatha Christie were the only names I knew back then. I loved spending sleepless nights reading various novels only to show up in class the next day with sore eyes due to sleeplessness. Once in class, I was caught reading ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ and was made to stand outside the class for the whole day. I was happy, for I had secretly hidden another novel in my huge left trouser pocket. But then, shit happens again and I came to India, lost track of my literary habits, was made to attend college daily from 7am to 9pm (FOURTEEN FUCKING HOURS!!). Leaving that behind, I hope to catch up with literature, read as many novels of my fav authors as I can and re-enter my imaginary world with Sherlock Holmes and his trusted partner, Dr. Watson. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, you beauty!

4. Dance – No sir, we aren’t talking about Bollywood thumkas. It is child’s play, I say. Back then during school days, we used to mix some weird contemporary moves with hip-hop and come up with the craziest dance routines ever on planet. That was then after which I lost my dancing shoes. As much I’d like to learn hip-hop and popping and locking, I’m also drawn towards salsa and Latin Ballroom dancing. One, Two, cha cha cha!

5. Language – No long story behind this but I would simply love to learn the Spanish language (español). It is so much about brotherhood and is always a pleasure to listen to. Also, it looks kinda cool when folks in movies speak Spanish with a badass style, Hermano. Arabic is another language which I really need to re-learn by this year. When I was six, I was fluent in Arabic. Fluent, I say. But then thanks to my Indian company after I moved out of Buraydah, Saudi Arabia, it withered and finally fell off. According to me, Arabic is THE most beautiful language!

Hope my gold medal in procrastination does not stop me from achieving the above.

If I do succeed, then coffee will be on me!


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