Selected for a special MSP video project by Microsoft – Yowzaa!!

Microsoft shooting a premier video about you and your experience as a Microsoft Student Partner, how cool is that? Very, I’d say.

Well, Microsoft in collaboration with Waggener Edstrom is preparing a special video project helmed by Brad Lenz and Matt Skerritt (LenzSkerritt Media) about the experiences of being a Microsoft Student Partner and what comes with it.

Two MSPs globally have been selected to be featured in this video project, myself being one of ‘em. A surprise co-incidence is that the other MSP selected (apart from me) is in fact a great friend of mine and an awesome team-mate.

WP_000145 (2)

The video crew will be covering my responsibilities during the Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals in St. Petersburg, but not before shooting a significant portion of the video at my home location (Hyderabad, India).

I did interact with Matt Skerritt over Skype and can already predict this to be a lot of fun. Matt is known for directing video content for clients like NBC/Universal, Columbia Records, Warner Bros., Microsoft, Holland America Line, BBC and MTV. Waggener Edstrom is famous about its work for Microsoft. Other notable clients include T-Mobile, Toshiba, Boeing, Mastercard and Sony Electronics.

I am as excited as I can be about being selected for this special MSP video project.

Looking forward!


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