Why is it so hard to bid goodbye to dear ones?

Why is it always so hard to bid goodbye to a dear one?” ran through my mind as I traced my steps back from the airport to my home. I had just dropped off a close friend as he moves ahead for greener pastures in the West. It all happened so rapidly – the quick mention of the good times we have had, the hugs, the emotional goodbyes, the promise to meet again and then ……


This is a season of goodbyes for me. My close friends circle is slowly breaking in to individual lines with every one of them leaving Hyderabad either for studies or for a job, including me. One left for Canada, another leaves for the U.S today while the other one leaves for Saudi Arabia in a month and I’ll be heading to a different city in India at around the same time.  In the very beginning, we used to be a gang of 10-15 here in Hyderabad, reminiscing the fun school days when at IISR, staying up late at night, discussing almost everything under the moon and gulping down yummy Hyderabadi Biryani.

Slowly that number reduced to just 5-6 as many left to the Gulf and the States to pursue jobs (and then get married) and very soon it’ll be down to nil.


I am lucky to have some amazing friends who have stood by me in thick and thin. The only thought that worries me is that, after the goodbye, I am not sure if I’ll be able to meet ‘em all together.

After coming back home and feeling low while pondering over the same, I may have found an answer to my question. It is hard to bid goodbye because they are the ones who understand you in the best possible way. It is hard because they started being your friend without glancing at your wallet or your contact list. It is hard because they are living ambassadors of true friendship.

And you should treasure them!


Life behind the camera: Getting started

For the record, I am a huge believer in celluloid power. When I am not playing Snooker with pals over the weekend or not completing my training activities, you’ll find me watching 12 Angry Men or Citizen Kane. I believe that cinema is an extremely powerful medium to evoke an emotion or a meaningful response. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy Basic instinct too! Jokes apart, I sometimes used to look at the camera with a stare that says ‘Hold on, Imma gonna get you soon.’

And when Microsoft gifted me a Samsung NX1100 camera a month ago (so generous of them), I got a good reason to pursue one of my interests – creating videos. It’s a decent camera to get started with pictures and videos. At 30fps and 1080p, you cannot complain. I had dabbled once in video creation when me and a few friends pulled efforts three years ago to shoot a video documentary about pollution on the Necklace Road stretch here in Hyderabad and how to overcome it. We had interviews with a local citizen who was playing ball with his family in the park, with sweepers and officials from the Municipal Dept.  who tirelessly make efforts to keep the stretch clean only to find it dirty the very next moment plus a few other good shots. That documentary was aired on the local channels here (indeed a great achievement for us)! TV9 was kind enough to do a small interview with me. But that was shot using a handy cam and as a result – lots of shaky footage.

Martin Scorsese on the sets of Hugo

Martin Scorsese on the sets of Hugo

Moving on, through videos/documentaries, I would love to highlight societal issues or something that would evoke a reaction among viewers and prompt them to do good. But to be impactful, a lot of things go into place, video editing skills being one of them. I am presently working on Lightworks as a beginner. I initially thought Windows Movie Maker (Windows 8) would be apt for getting started but when it comes down to creating a good video, it does have some limitations. So I’ll stick with Lightworks for the time being. Even Martin Scorsese chose Lightworks for his Oscar-winning film Hugo.

I might actually skip the weekly hangout plan(s) to make sure I am done with my immediate purchases – a tripod and a few additional lenses. I have a couple of stories in mind but will wait for the first one as it’s always the hardest one.

That reminds me, I need to go back and resume login in to my training program. Starting job, you see. Wish me luck.