Let go of your insecurities, I would say . . .

Let go of your insecurities, I would say.
Be honest-to-heart and in the end, it would pay.

You failed to pick the correct trouser for Monday.
How does that give you the right to criticize my fashion sense any day?

I know you secretly harbor a massive ego.
Which, I’m pretty sure, you’ll never let go.

When you raise your voice trying to be the bigger man,
Hoping for it to be admired by every clan,
And secretly praying for that dreaded thing to not happen,
Of which you nest some insecurity equal to the size of The Grand Canyon.

When you wickedly laugh at other’s expense,
And ridicule the good chaps who come to their defense,
You know pretty well that you’re standing on a fence,
Which, between the real and illusion, acts as a trench.

In fact, the same thing happened to you.
Felt ashamed, embarrassed and to your shelf you withdrew.
Even though there was nothing at all to feel that way.
Yet it was your insecurity that dragged you all the way.

When the one in front of you prefers silence to be golden,
Pretty please don’t take it as an opportunity to offend.

You might act tough and hard all day.
Yet I’ll look upon you as a insecure chap anyway.

                                                                                                                        – asrartheone


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