You just cannot behave with me this way

It might be a good thing if my talk makes you laugh.
But please don’t look down upon me as a dwarf.

Cracking jokes and engaging in good banter is my folly.
But sometimes, your reaction takes the ‘j’ out of jolly.

At the end of the day, smiles are shared and good time is passed.
But don’t jump over my emotions in this way, not-so-fast.

Thinking of me as a joker and not a well-wisher is a mistake.
I am a human being with feelings which are definitely not fake.

When I tell you that talking about ‘something’ offends me in a way,
it means that I am pretty serious about it by means of all fair play.

But when you ignore the above and expect me to be taken for granted,
looks like you don’t respect me as a person, making me feel unwanted.

And when I sense things to be going this way.
I’ll quietly chart my own way and walk away.

Neither am I a little piece of sh*t nor an ill-fated fish.
And you just cannot behave with me as and when you wish.

But if you still think that you can have your way,
well, BLESS YOU and have a nice day!

                                                               –          asrartheone