How a cab driver became a real-life hero for me . .

Ever wondered why God is so kind to us all, even after us all behaving like spoilt kids? Why he showers needy farmlands with rain while we spend the day carelessly wasting water? I had an interesting encounter today; you’ll find an answer to the above question here.

With my bike resting at the service center, I decided to hop on a bus while returning home from office. At the bus stop, many office cabs often slow down looking for prospective passengers as they too head the same way and it helps the driver pocket easy bucks. One such car stopped and after enquiring if it’s heading my way, I took a seat inside. The car was well maintained and the driver was very polite. And within no time, I dozed off.

About 10 minutes, I woke up to the sound of a lady bargaining with the driver regarding the fare. The driver quietly accepted whatever she gave him but what he did next grabbed my attention. Instead of pocketing the money, he reached out for a white box on his right side, safely dropped the money inside the box and carried on with his ride. There was something written on the box; my grandma glasses came to my rescue as I read ‘This is for Social Causes’ written on the white box. I immediately took him as a fraud and framed the following picture – he gains sympathy from passengers, they drop more money and when everyone leaves, he simply pockets the whole amount. Good for him.

With this in mind, I decided to question him when I’m the last guy in the car since I didn’t want to embarrass him in front of others. But when he answered after my curious questioning, it fucking blew my mind!

It turns out – it wasn’t an office cab; it was his own car. Through the white box, he is actually collecting money to support the educational needs of poor children. He proudly says that he has sponsored one child till now and you can see the happiness on his face. Boy, that’s some sight! Furthermore, he isn’t a cab driver or something. In fact, he’s a research student at IIIT Hyderabad – one of the best research institutes in the whole of India! In geeky circles around here, getting a research seat in IIIT is like hitting the jackpot. He explained to me that instead of simply going to college from home and back, he slows down at bus stops and lets people inside his personal car so that he can make a few bucks on the way and add it to his ‘Social Causes’ bank, helping little children learn how to write and all.

I had goosebumps after hearing his story. And here I was, a lame ass who had him pinned as a fraud on first sight. I won’t forgive myself for this.

And if you’re wondering why God is kind to us after all the evil that we engage in, it’s because of such good people. And it is because of pious people like him that the world runs in tandem.

He fucking stole the day for me, today.

And made me realize that THERE IS STILL GOOD IN THIS WORLD.