The hard part

Just when you think you’re flying in the sky, life will shoot you down on the ground.
It keeps you in check and is the best teacher that I have ever found.

One day your schedule is full of events and RSVP do’s.
Next day, you hardly have any friends to talk to.

You are surrounded by people and you think it is all good.
But the silent conversations in the dark are moments you might hate too.

One day, I was enjoying dinner with my Grandfather and watching him pray.
A week later, I found myself crying over his grave.

Zero emotions in me as we prepared for his funeral.
Worked like a machine to get formalities cleared.

But the time after was something that I always feared.
When no one’s around you, either near or dear.

When you’re reading the name on the tombstone and tears flow down endlessly.
When you’re alone in the graveyard and all you can do is pray fervently.

This is the hardest that life has hit me with yet.
Felt like my trajectory was in a state of descent.

Took away a huge part of me, both emotionally and mentally.
Will still take a lot of time to recover from it completely.

My Grandfather wanted to see me as a big man always.
I’ll make sure I fulfill his wish, one day.