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BLOGSyed Asrarullah is a Computer Science undergraduate who is currently focused on pursuing a career based on his interests, i.e. management / sports. He has worked in the past for Infosys (as an Associate Business Analyst) and for Microsoft as a part of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 MSP Social Media Team – the then largest multi-national social media team in the world – where his job included collaborating with the Imagine Cup team at Microsoft and reporting on-site via various social media properties during the World Wide Finals which was held in July 2013 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Syed was born in India but was bred in the erstwhile land of sheikhs and camels – Saudi Arabia. Five years spent in the beautiful valley of Al Qassim and eight years in the majestic city of Riyadh, he still remembers how he used to quietly tiptoe to a nearby ‘baqala’ to buy a ‘Safari chocolate’ bar; and how his Dad used to take him along to the ‘Jumerat Bazaar’ held every Thursday which is where he remembers shaking hands with a talking parrot and exchanging pleasantries in Arabic.

An alumni of International Indian School, Riyadh, Syed Asrarullah describes his school years as one of the best experiences of his life for it gave him long lasting friends, taught him how not to shiver when speaking in front of an audience and helped him understand the difference between your and you’re. It was there where he also bagged a Gold Medal for scoring the highest marks in the Urdu language during the X Board exams conducted by C.B.S.E. He also met many great teachers whom he considers to be his role models, inspiring him at every step to achieve the best.

Raised up primarily in Saudi Arabia, he understands Saudi culture in true spirit and even won a prize at the Fancy Dress competition posing as a Saudi national while sipping gahwa, the traditional Saudi tea. According to Syed, the residents of the holy city of Madina are the most warm, humble and caring people in the world for their hospitality and love is unmatched. Someday later in his career, he yearns to be back at Saudi Arabia, reliving the ‘good ol’ days’ while walking down the nostalgia lane.

Being an Indian at heart, he loved sniffing at the ‘Indian mitti ki khushboo’ when he landed in Hyderabad for high school. It was India that helped him transform from a chubby little schoolboy to a responsible mature graduate. The whole ‘desi’ experience taught him and still continues to on how to make one’s own bread, how to be good at the work one does and how to be caring and respectful towards one and all.

For Syed, being a Microsoft Student Partner will always be one of the most memorable experiences of his life. The joy of delivering sessions in front of 1200+ students at a time; the celeb moment when attendees would come up with ‘Sir, autograph please’; the numerous visits to the vast Microsoft campus in Hyderabad; the chance to interact with executives from all around the world; the privilege to attend the Imagine Cup Finals in Russia and to be lucky to get featured in a premier Microsoft video about the Student Partner program. The whole experience has been unbelievable for him and he’s truly grateful about it.

On a personal note, he does find out time to scribble a few words here and there and his previous writing stints include reporting for The Windows ClubThe Geeks Club and Maximum Snooker. He’s a huge fan of the sports industry and is passionate about giving something back to the sports community. Eurosport is the most frequented website on his browser. He also has a poetic side to himself which he often expresses by writing poems, usually on stuff that hits him hard.

He LOVES Snooker, Football, Arabian food and movies. Often, he’s the consoling shoulder for his friends and counts himself as a 3 AM buddy for many. While he peacefully blogs here, Syed can be poked on Twitter.

He also likes talking about himself in third person.


[Disclaimer: You do not have permission to copy, reproduce or present content from this blog on any platform (print media / electronic media / audio-video etc. ) unless you have specific permission proof from the author of this blog]


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