Please walk away from me

I would love to sit down and bang some sense into you.
But then I realize that your brain is all messed up with dew.

I take friendship seriously and don’t treat it like a clown.
Then why the fuck do you always have that frown?

When not attending a party, I expect you to sit down and ask me the reason.
Don’t just call me a dumb person and blame me for treason.

I expect you to understand my plight for not attending.
But you don’t give a damn; friendship for you is like bartending.

A drinker is down, another one is up.
Even recollecting their names for you is sometimes pretty tough.

Then how can I expect you to remember my favorite sport?
Or my hobbies, my interests and other things to note?

You had whispered about chocolates and I instantly bought them to you.
For me, it shows that I do, indeed, care for you.

Then you accuse me of being unfriendly, rude and ungentlemanly.
But to this day, I maintain that I wasn’t wrong – pretty confidently.

I remember cancelling many parties just for you, in the hour of need.
Now when you have a birthday plan up your sleeve, you don’t give a damn about me?

I despise you for being weak for always running behind your girlfriend.
You don’t have the guts to clear it out with me over a weekend!

I respect women folk a lot and let me put this straight.
Don’t you ever tell me that I haven’t got it in me, mate.

If you do, back it up with some genuine proof.
Don’t’ just ignore and vanish like a spoof.

You might be thinking that it makes you look cool.
Newsflash! By the laws of stupidity, you are a registered fool!

I respect the institution of friendship and take lots of pride in it.
But for you, it’s all a meaningful joke, you little dimwit.

I don’t give a damn if you don’t turn back at me.
In fact, without your dumbass company, I feel so free.

I’m very bad at faking emotions you see.
So please pack your bags and walk the hell away from me!

                                     – asrartheone 


Why is it so hard to bid goodbye to dear ones?

Why is it always so hard to bid goodbye to a dear one?” ran through my mind as I traced my steps back from the airport to my home. I had just dropped off a close friend as he moves ahead for greener pastures in the West. It all happened so rapidly – the quick mention of the good times we have had, the hugs, the emotional goodbyes, the promise to meet again and then ……


This is a season of goodbyes for me. My close friends circle is slowly breaking in to individual lines with every one of them leaving Hyderabad either for studies or for a job, including me. One left for Canada, another leaves for the U.S today while the other one leaves for Saudi Arabia in a month and I’ll be heading to a different city in India at around the same time.  In the very beginning, we used to be a gang of 10-15 here in Hyderabad, reminiscing the fun school days when at IISR, staying up late at night, discussing almost everything under the moon and gulping down yummy Hyderabadi Biryani.

Slowly that number reduced to just 5-6 as many left to the Gulf and the States to pursue jobs (and then get married) and very soon it’ll be down to nil.


I am lucky to have some amazing friends who have stood by me in thick and thin. The only thought that worries me is that, after the goodbye, I am not sure if I’ll be able to meet ‘em all together.

After coming back home and feeling low while pondering over the same, I may have found an answer to my question. It is hard to bid goodbye because they are the ones who understand you in the best possible way. It is hard because they started being your friend without glancing at your wallet or your contact list. It is hard because they are living ambassadors of true friendship.

And you should treasure them!

The beautiful gift of friendship

I am just back from bidding goodbye to a fellow classmate who, at the time of writing this post, is on a plane heading towards greener career pastures in the Gulf. It’s an awkward feeling when, after the goodbye hug, you console each other saying that ‘we’ll meet soon’ when you know that ‘soon’ doesn’t actually mean what it stands for. Having spent beautiful childhood moments together where we made so many friends, whom I think, turn out to be among the most genuine, caring people apart from near ones, as friends were made during school without an eye for the other person’s flashy cars, bikes or a heavy wallet. We walked down the streets laughing at the most silly and dumbest jokes but also stood together consoling a friend when he had flunked his subjects.

And now, life has made us stand apart at two divergent roads with no certainty of them converging any time soon.
A forced goodbye, a promise to ‘be-in-touch’, a smile followed by . . . . . . . . . . .  . gone.

We were struck by the literary brilliance and concept of ‘After Twenty Years’ by O’ Henry after it was our English lesson in IV standard but never had imagined that maybe, some years ahead in the future, we may also be forced to think on the same lines. Déjà vu!

It is only the great hearted who can be true friends. The mean and cowardly, can never know what true friendship means. – Charles Kingsley 

True friends are very hard to find in today’s world – those who’ll look in your eyes and not at your wallet when you meet, those who won’t ridicule your choice/decision but instead appreciate it honestly, those who’ll help you with a staircase instead of pulling down your leg when you intend to climb, and most importantly, those who are happy seeing you on the top rather than turning green with jealousy.

Such friends are hard to find but when you do, hold on to them for life for they are God’s precious gifts!